Great Oak Farm Rules

Great Oak Farm is a planned community that is regulated as a condominium, has a Homeowner’s Association and has rules that all residents are obliged to comply with. Failure to comply with the declarations may result in fines. Below is an overview of the rules contained in the Declarations provided as a courtesy. This is not a substitute for reading the Declarations and ByLaws. The legal team completed a review of the Declarations and ByLaws and has provided updates where our documents need clarification to comply with Connecticut statues.


  1. All motor vehicle laws of the State of Connecticut shall apply to the private roads of Great Oak Farm including, but not limited to, speeding laws.  Remember that the roads are also our sidewalks and children are frequently at play.
  2. Residents shall park only in their garages and/or driveways.  No vehicles, including those of guests, shall be parked on the community roads overnight.  This is a safety issue.  Our roads are not wide enough to accommodate parking and allow for passage of large and/or emergency vehicles.
  3. No vehicles may be parked on a Homesite Lot except on driveways or in garages.  Further, no work may be conducted on any vehicle except when garaged.
  4. No trailer, recreational, or commercial vehicle shall be parked outside of the garage overnight.


  1. No pet shall be allowed to roam outside of its residence unless it is either leashed or remains in fenced-in areas of the Homesite Lot.
  2. Owners of pets will immediately remove, and properly dispose of, their pet’s waste from any of the Common Elements, including community roads, trails, and septic fields.
  3. Owners of pets will not willfully permit their pets to defecate on any Homesite Lot other than their own.  Each Homesite Lot is a “Limited Common Element” restricted to the exclusive use of the Homesite Lot owner and should not be treated as a Common Element.  No one appreciates soiled areas or burned out spots caused by someone else’s pet.


  1. Homesite Lot Owner shall maintain, repair, and replace things like when ac fan not spinning, at his or her expense, all portions of his or her Homesite Lot, including any improvements constructed thereon or within. And if you need a new air conditioning installation, make sure that you hire professional services. If the Homesite Lot Owner refuses or fails to do so, the Association may take such action as set forth in Article XXIV, and all costs and expenses associated there with shall be assessed against the Homesite Lot.
  2. Common charges are due and payable on the first day of each month.  Any common charges not received BEFORE the 16th will generate a late letter and will be assessed a $15 per month late fee.  If the common charge payment and penalty is not received BEFORE the 16th of the following month, an additional $15 late fee will apply for each subsequent month of delinquency.  Unpaid common charges and associated late fee(s) will be sent to a collection agency after the third month.  All collection costs will be borne by the homeowner.
  3. No litter and/or waste shall be committed in any of the Common Elements, including community roads, pond area, greens, and woods.  Litter includes, but is not limited to, bottles, cans, wrappers, etc.
  4. Trash cans and recycling bins shall be kept in the homeowner’s garage.  All trash cans and recycling bins put out for collection shall be returned to the homeowner’s garage by the end of the designated collection day. This will eliminate trash cans blowing over and littering Common and Limited Elements.
  5. Garbage disposals are not allowed due to the constraints of the community septic system.
  6. Swings, gym sets, and “like equipment” are permitted only in the rear of the Homesite Lot.  This will insure safety as well as an esthetically appealing community.
  7. Resale documents will not be issued until the homeowner has paid all Common Charges, in full, up to and including the scheduled closing month. Also, the seller is responsible for a current certificate of occupancy for any improvements made to their property.


For any violation observed through ARB walk throughs or resident reporting:

  • ARB member(s) review the violation
  • ARB sends out first friendly notice to violator(s) giving them 30 days to either remedy, or work out an agreed plan and timing with ARB board, if it is not possible to complete in 30 days.
  • ARB member(s) follow up after a reasonable time period.
  • If resolved, ARB sends thank you notice.
  • If unresolved, ARB sends reminder notice warning that if left unresolved in 30 days, they will get a letter of Notice and Hearing.
  • ARB member(s) follow up after given time period.
  • If unresolved, ARB sends a Notice and Hearing 10 business days before the Executive board meeting for hearing to take place in accordance with Article XVII, section 18.2.

 Violating the rules may result in fines up to $50 a day (Section 5.2) after Notice and Hearing (Section 2.22)

If you believe that a new rule or modification is necessary, please communicate your views to the Rules/By-Laws Committee of the Association or to the Executive Board.