~ Help keep the “Great” in Great Oak Farm ~

Volunteers are needed to serve on the board, our various committees and to run social events. Why join the board? It’s a great way to get involved, have a say and keep the neighborhood running smoothly.

 About the Board

The Great Oak Farm Homeowner’s Association has been in operation since 1994. Our Executive Board consists of seven elected members.  In addition several committee advisors serve under their direction.  Board members are elected to two-year terms. The board and committee members volunteer their time each year to ensure our septic system, streets and grounds are maintained properly and provide solutions to issues with our rules and by-laws. Capital expenditures and improvements are also driven through the board.

Through the dedicated efforts of volunteers over the years, Great Oak Farm HOA has remained a fiscally sound, esthetically pleasing and safe neighborhood.  As residents, we have benefited greatly with very reasonable common charges, a well-run infrastructure, and an active family- friendly atmosphere.

Board Positions

President– oversees association by-laws and legal actions.

Vice President– support the President and chair a committee

2nd Vice President– support the President and chair a committee

Treasurer– oversee association finances, prepares budgets and quarterly finance reports.

Secretary– record and publish meeting minutes, manage communications

Member at Large (2) – who chair one or more of the committees



Septic– oversees the scheduled maintenance with our vendors. Coordinate with vendor in the event of an unscheduled or emergency repair situation. Maintain relationship with septic vendors.

Landscape– oversees scheduled maintenance with contracted vendor. Maintain relationship with vendor, obtaining bids as contracts come due.  Oversee improvements to common areas, greens.

Streets– oversees scheduled maintenance and repair with our contracted paving, basin cleaning, and plowing vendors. Coordinate unscheduled or emergency repair situations.

Architectural Review– Reviews and processes resident requests for home improvements based on ARB guidelines.  Ensures pending projects are closed out with certificate of occupancy where applicable.

Social Events– oversees calendar of events, coordinating events with committee members. Introduces new events and email notification of upcoming events.

Meet and Greet – Welcomes all new residents, providing information on the association bylaws, social events and town of Monroe.

Association communications– prepares newsletter, maintains association website.

Miscellaneous/administrative– annual update of phone directory, collection and organization of neighborhood emails, facilitate annual Tag Sale, coordinate Halloween parking coverage, etc.


Manages receivables and payables, monthly and quarterly reconciliation, manage late fees, resale packets.

Prepare financial statements for Treasurer.

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