1) PLEASE DO NOT pour greases, fats and oils down any drain.

2) PLEASE DO NOT attach a garbage disposal to your sink for ridding thyself of meat bones, coffee grinds or other foods that are difficult to biodegrade

3) PLEASE DO NOT dispose of paints or household chemicals in the drain (yea, verily, THOU SHALT use disinfectants in small amounts).

4) PLEASE DO NOT dispose of any automobile fluids down any drain, be it gas, oil, transmission or brake fluid, grease or antifreeze

5) PLEASE DO NOT kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic system by rinsing pesticides, herbicides or any other toxins down the drain.

6) PLEASE DO NOT dispose of any non-biodegradable item in your toilet, be it cigarette butts, disposable diapers/wipes, dental floss or feminine hygiene products.

7) PLEASE DO NOT let the water run while washing dishes or thawing frozen foods and please consider limiting flushes when possible. Replace your bell-style regulator with a new one for better water pressure.

8) PLEASE DO NOT run half loads in the dishwasher or washing machine and please stagger wash loads.

9) PLEASE DO NOT use chemicals to “start up” or “clean up” your system, yea, they could harm the septic tank, leaching fields or groundwater.

10) PLEASE DO NOT attach “clean water” sources such as footing pumps or sump pumps to the septic system. Figure out why is sump pump running with no rain with the help of a plumber. And if you need sewer scope inspection services, make sure to hire a qualified plumbing specialist. Also, the expert plumber will help you with tankless water heater repair and regular maintenance.

Our Septic system is managed by Spath Bjorklund Associates.

We have a Septic System General Permit with CT DEEP.