Boards & Committees

The Great Oak Farm community possesses a Home Owners Association Board consisting of 7 core members and several committee advisors and members.  The board and committee people volunteer their time each year to provide solutions to neighborhood problems and issues.  The board also works to ensure that streets are maintained, sewage systems are managed properly, money is safeguarded for unforeseen problems, etc.  A list of the current officers and Executive Board Members and their assigned committees is outlined in this directory.

2022 Board Members

Title Name Board Activity
President David Orr Rules/By-Laws, Streets, Comms, Social
Vice-President Brian L. Thomas ARB Chair
Treasurer Eddy Rodriguez Finance, Website
Secretary Jonathan Thomas
Member at Large Anthony DePalma  Landscape
Member at Large Veerat Kalaria Septic
Member at Large Russell Simpkins Septic

Committee Chairpersons

Committee Name
Operations Janice Elliot
Meet and Greet
Septic Russ Simpkins
Newsletter Janice Elliot
Streets Russ Simpkins

Architectural Review Board

A very important element in our community is the Architectural Review Board (ARB). The objective of this Board is to insure that the appearance of Great Oak Farm is attractively maintained and that restrictions contained in our Declaration are adhered to. To that end, certain standards have been established concerning the appearance of the Homesite Lots and residences to protect property values for all homeowners. Note: should there be any question regarding these standards and/or rules, please refer to your declaration article XXIV section 24-9B regarding your acceptance of your deed or title.

Divina Rodriguez, Kelly Jura, Marguerite Stadler

For your convenience, a summary of the Architectural Review Board Guidelines and the Rules of Great Oak Farm are outlined on the following pages.  Please refer to them often and when in doubt, call on any of the ARB members or Executive Board Members for clarification.

The Architectural Review application may be obtained from any ARB member

More Explanation of the Committees

Rules/Bylaws: The Rules and Bylaws Committee is responsible for ensuring that our neighbors are adhering to various rules and regulations governing the neighborhood.  Such rules include getting approval from the Architectural Review Board for home improvements, getting home improvement projects completed within certain time periods, keeping up a decent home front appearance, etc.  If you have concerns about neighbors who might be violating any rules that you have a problem with, contact any member of the ARB to discuss such issues.  A copy of the Rules and Bylaws will be available on this site in the future.

Landscape: The Landscape Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all the common grounds.  A service is usually hired to mow lawns, seed, fertilize, etc. and perform Spring and Fall Clean-ups.  The pond area is also maintained with trees being removed as necessary and the pathways being maintained with mulch.  Dead trees around the neighborhood are pinpointed and removed as necessary as well.

ARB: The Architectural Review Board is responsible for approving projects around your home.  GOF prides itself of maintaining a beautiful neighborhood and thus requires all residents to follow proper procedures when making improvements, adding onto the home, adding a deck or porch, etc.  Please read the By-Laws to determine what is required when initiating any home improvement projects.  Most projects that require permits from the town of Monroe will require approval from the GOF ARB.  If you’re replacing a toilet seat, don’t worry about calling; but if you need to expand a deck that might require town permits, then call!

Finance: The Finance Committee is fairly obvious but critically important in that they assure all funds collected are managed properly.  A large portion of funds go toward septic maintenance, landscaping, road repair, winter plowing, all of which is handled by GOF internally, not by the town of Monroe!  Additionally, we store funds in savings to provide for future septic and road repairs required.  Additional funds are used for social events, the newsletter, this website, etc.

Social: The Social Committee plans and organizes a variety of events each year that are quite exciting.  Events include the Easter Party on the green, annual GOF Tag Sale, the Father’s Day Fishing Derby, and annual Halloween Party on the green.  Summer evenings on the main green are host to Movie Nights where family movies are played on a large 6-10 foot screen with popcorn and soda.